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jxster over 5 years ago
The sad thing, smiles old boy, is that you live in a myopic, self-important bubble and suffer under the belief that the rest of the world's tastes should align with yours or they're "wrong." Some of us happen to believe that heels on a gorgeous woman are the sexiest thing going - thus the multi-BILLION dollar shoe industry. It's also why WOMEN (and the men that love them) are willing to pay upwards of $800 for a pair of Loubitins or Jimmy Choos. Opinions are like assholes - everybody has one. You'll find yours to be among the minority, as documented by the number of whiny, ridiculous comments you've left all over this website. Do us all a favor and vote with your pocketbook and leave the rest of us to enjoy gorgeous creatures like Randy Moore resplendent in their spiky heels while displaying their beautiful, shaved pussies.
keithrt over 6 years ago
Smiles 1013, If you don't like how they shoot the videos on this site, then you SHOULD NOT have subscribed to this site. She is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS & I for one appreciate her videos. She gets ***** & a BIG THUMBS UP from me. :-)
mullinsp almost 7 years ago
Randy is a hot babe with great tits and beautiful eyes!! great looking babe!!!

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