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3 Member Comments

millburn19 over 3 years ago
Lexi is so damn sexy here! She rocked it early on at 2.00 with that juicy leg spread in the chair, hips groaning, pussy lips wide open and hands working her lovely black stocking loins, but no penetration. Delicious torture for next 50 seconds until she comes back into view in same erotic position ready to please herself at 3.00. Her hair, glances and wild dildo ride were beautifully captured.
rickmar1 almost 5 years ago
Lexi might not be the most beautiful model on your site, but she is a total turn on. I will watch anything she is in.
stamerican over 7 years ago
Lexi, you are so bad! You made Daddy's cock hard again. I saw that little wiggle in your ass and the way you shoved that dildo in your little pink pussy. Time for a spanking! (Reminds me a bit of poor Shauna Grant -- the blonde porn star who committed suicide when she was only 21.)

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