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leggybaby • over 2 years ago
Can we get more of her? I love those tits.
sexaddict • over 3 years ago
Spectacular. This woman's body is as near to perfect as I've ever seen. More of Victoria!
dancan38 • over 3 years ago
an adorable face, her nose just that different to make her beautiful and intelligent-looking, a dizzying slope to her scrumptious arched backside, breasts that are just... improbable they're so well proportioned, at once heavy and alight, such sexy tits (pic #21 is sublime ! #30 is diabolical ! almost aggressive in #27...), a loving greedy mouth (shame for the pin-in-tongue...) a BEAUTIFUL flower of a neat no-frills pussy (yummy pic #23, how could one resist, how did the photog resist... Will have to ask him some day), thighs I'd love to see more of (famous line), a fulfilling, exhaustive series of almost full view of her gorgeous body, so feminine and fleshy in all the right places, together with a feeling that all this sexuality is neat, clean, hairless, to be gobbled up, toyed with and enjoyed with all available bodily accessories...from the tip of your head to the extremity of your toes ! Pic #58 made me remove one star, and then I had a problem with 82, where she is most tentalizing , tempting, and offered, and yet I doubt she would renew the pose, should one of us members happen to barge in on the photo shoot live... so too hypocritical and fake, to my mind ! Despite her short nails, I'm nervous about her cold eyes and pin-in-the-middle... Very sexy , as a whole, but rather creepily cold...
gemini1953 • over 3 years ago
Yum yum yum!
dsshop • over 3 years ago
Fantastic! #49 - Amazing ASS! Pretty FEET! So SEXY!
spartandream • over 3 years ago
Just when I think I'm done with this site they keep pulling me back in. Victoria is a work of art. From her seductive eyes and supple lips to those amazing breasts. "They're real and they're SPECTACULAR". I hope they have more of her in the NEAR future. (Besides the video that's coming up in a few days)
sepu811 • over 3 years ago
Eyes...tits...pussy and feets are just PERFECT! Would love to enjoy all these things with my tongue...mmmm, please more like this and thanks for the barefoot!
tommy366 • over 3 years ago
When I saw (on the "upcoming attractions" section) that Victoria would appear in all her glory on February 4, I started the countdown --- it was like awaiting a hot date. And now --- to see her unclothed, seductive, desirable.Mmmm!
spoonerss • over 3 years ago
Victoria ROCKS!!!! What a body! MUCH MUCH more please!!!!
tits4tat • over 3 years ago
Even better than her other photo shoot. She doesn't have the nasty calf tat on her left leg yet. Man, them's some nice tittes!
maxine89 • over 3 years ago
Absolutely gorgeous girl.

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