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rickmar1 • 10 months ago
I sure hope you have a lot more of her coming.
leggybaby • almost 3 years ago
Wow, those tits are perfect. I can't believe it.
drmax2688 • almost 4 years ago
Oh my goodness! Where do you find these girls?
michaeljones2 • about 4 years ago
Breath taking. Victoria is beautiful.
bowsersheepdog • about 4 years ago
absolutely magnificent.
spartandream • about 4 years ago
They're REAL and they're SPECTACULAR!!! This set is filled with so many amazing shots, but I have to say #38 is my personal favorite.
sexaddict • about 4 years ago
What a phenomenal body. Can't wait to see more of her!
rufusk • about 4 years ago
AH, finally......
dancan38 • about 4 years ago
Another gorgeous DD beauty !!! We're damn lucky, we are !!! I love #22 to 27 !And 50 to 52... and so many others... love that bum, those breasts, that cheerful face !
craggin42 • about 4 years ago
DAMN! That's all I got on this.
tommy366 • about 4 years ago
Victoria is the reason I rejoined DD --- an on-line ad did it for me. I couldn't resist her beauty, and this photo set did not disappoint.
sonofzog • about 4 years ago
She has tats? Damn, I didn't even notice. Her breasts look completely natural to me; if they're implants, the surgeon is a genius.
tits4tat • about 4 years ago
I agree about the tattoos- a Ferrari does not need a big prancing horse decal covering the hood. If someone is doing implants this flawless and beautiful they are my new hero. Gorgeous model, very nice shoot.
dugout100 • about 4 years ago
Great shoot - she really communicates with the camera and exudes innocence and sexuality.
spartandream • about 4 years ago
Just when I think I'm out you keep pulling me back in. Damn you DD. This young woman is an angel. Perfection.
badger • about 4 years ago
Victoria you are the rarest of the rare, a natural American beauty! You are just perfect the way you appear in this photo set! (BTW Keep the heels to a minimum, as they will only ruin your feet and girl, you just don't need them!) Be Well Always!
hs8092ad • about 4 years ago
Amazing, new favorite girl.
dsshop • about 4 years ago
Victoria is a BEAUTY! Hoping this is the first of many!
dnorton2812 • about 4 years ago
Sheer Perfection.

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