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rickmar1 • over 1 year ago
Valeria is one gorgeous woman. I just wish she could work up a smile once in a while.
rufusk • over 1 year ago
Please leave on the shoes, very sexy! Nice shoot.
choreb • over 1 year ago
Ummm, for me Valeria is for years now the best performer of masturbation vids I have ever seen. I don't want to do promotion for other places, but doing her art justice this must be said. Only a very few other models do masturbation performances this overwhelming.
coniow • over 1 year ago
While I am in complete agreement that a girl getting wet is very erotic, In this case I am also thinking "Baby Steps." In Valeria's 7 sets at DD, this is the only one to date where she has touched herself. Some girls don't masturbate in front of others, Amber Sym as but one example. I know Valeria has movies where she is riding a dick, but I can also understand that masturbation may be viewed as deeply personal and "Private," where having sex is not. What caused her to change her mind I can not imagine, but I am glad she has, and feel honored to see the result. I hope this is followed through in the matching video! I am minded of an account by a model of her first nude photo shoot. She was terrified. While changing, an 'old hand' on the same shoot advised her to just go out on set, and start masturbating, in front of every body. Guaranteeing that every body would stop to watch, and that she would "Own The Floor." She did. And they DID all stop. And she got such a feeling of Power and control from doing it, that she never looked back.
choreb • over 1 year ago
Brilliant! Valeria and Digital Desire is the perfect combination.

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