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baalanp72248 about 5 years ago
I've downloaded everything DDG has to offer of this woman and have to say she is my absolute favorite masturbatory fantasy. I especially appreciate the fact that 1)her boobs are real, not plastic; 2)she has no tats; 3)she doesn't have a bunch of piercings. She's just a naturally beautiful woman. Honestly, I'd LOVE to tie her to my bed and make her crazy with my tongue!!
michaeljones2 over 5 years ago
Valentina is a DDG Hall of Famer. Great set.
bob1glitch over 5 years ago
I'm so glad I can just appreciate a beautiful girl willing to show me her gorgeous body.Makes me wonder about some of you guys that have become sooooo picky that you can't. Thanks DD!!! She gets a "WOW" from me.
popstation773 over 5 years ago
nice! Good!!
ddphoto over 5 years ago
I've always loved images of a "sleeping beauty", head back, eyes closed, legs spread. The lighting is especially nice from #95 to #98, but my unexpected favorite is #94 where you are looking right down on her face from just inches away. I'd love to see more images taken from a close, wide angle perspective, as they approximate the visual impression of being right there intimately "with her". Rather than photographing your model laying there from across the way, you could visually capture what she would really be like, from the perspective of her lover.
tylerdurden9490 over 5 years ago
Valentina is one of my favorites, thanks for putting this out there!...................... And how come there have been so many model names missing from the Daily Art photos lately?!
number23 over 5 years ago
Thank you guys, I've been waiting hopefully for you to publish this set for years now! Wonderful girl, one of my favourites for a very long time, and my lord this set doesn't disappoint!

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