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craigroberts115 • over 3 years ago
She's absolutely beautiful
jamesmillard23 • almost 4 years ago
She's lovely, as she is in the video - natural, full of personality, and wonderfully frank with all of her glorious voluptuous body. More, please.
altezzars2000 • almost 4 years ago
Beautiful! Everything is "natural". While, this session reminds me of an old set of Aria Giovanni.
0716jul • almost 4 years ago
What a curvy beauty thats the way a woman should be built.IMHO
sexaddict • about 4 years ago
Gorgeous woman. Amazing body. Lovely natural breasts just the right size. Luscious, wet pussy. Bring on some more of Valentina, please!
popstation773 • about 4 years ago
sepu811 • about 4 years ago
This is a good amount of pic! Every set should at leave have 120 pics. Hope new sets from Emma and others will contain same amount of pics!!
badger • about 4 years ago
Valentina you are a Voluptuous All-Natural American Beauty! Don't change one little thing.
bowsersheepdog • about 4 years ago
superb set of a magnificent woman. i really go for buxom women myself so 84-86 and 96-98 are good for me, i especially love 86 & 98. valentina has delicious breasts and lovely pubes too, there are some great shots of the latter. dan, it was me who used the term 'dairies', it's my favourite, both encompassing the maternal function and conjuring an image of the erotic tactility of those glorious glands.
will1o1 • about 4 years ago
may I have the next photo shoot please ? thanks
tits4tat • about 4 years ago
I like her nappi dugout.
donniegolf3 • about 4 years ago
An amazing woman's body!!!! Please shoot a video soon
bigslick74 • about 4 years ago
Very nice! She is sweet.
bluestraycat • about 4 years ago
Absolutely first class. Thank you. I wish all your pictorials were of similar caliber. A lovely model, photographed well, with plenty of "money shots" . duncan38 all you need to do is edit out the shots that aren't to your taste. Not every single shot in every pictorial can be to everyone's taste. I don't like shots like #88 either, but luckily there's plenty of other shots here that are fantastic IMHO.

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