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jtenna • over 4 years ago
With so many to choose from Tiffany REALLY stands out. So very sexy!
dsshop • about 5 years ago
At the beginning when those nipples are poking through her shirt-WOW! Tiffany spreads such a pretty pussy! The only thing better than watching her pleasure it all day would be to lick and kiss it all day!
chriseugenebell • over 5 years ago
Mmmm! Grrrr...I want you soooo bad! Mwah! :-) xoxo
ctuck0659 • over 5 years ago
Lovely body, angelic face, erect nipples, big smile, wet puffy pussy, ending in a real climax. Priceless...
horsenu • almost 6 years ago
This just might be some of the Best 8 minutes and 13 seconds of video that you guys have produced....And Tiffany is one Hot little minx! You guys did a fantastic job on this video. 10 Stars - 5 for Tiffany, 5 for the Video Crew.

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