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treasurechest99 • about 6 years ago
Had a oriental flare to the erotic backdrop of the languid steamy set. Very well done I thought Tiffany enjoyed it too. You can tell she was really getting tuned in and turned on! And isnt fun too watch beautiful women getting turned on! You guys are sooo lucky sometimes filming girls with sweet each his own but DDG is about fun and class. You can keep your raunchy! Though sometimes raunchies good!
jonlmccl • over 6 years ago
I actually really like the video. Seems a bit more realistic rather than a woman in some studio spreading her legs and faking it. Tiffany is a gorgeous model and the video was a real turn on for me.
georgia22 • over 6 years ago
I don't normally comment about videos, as they are not my preferred format. (I'm here for the still photos.) But I thought that this video was very well done.

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