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dancan38 • over 4 years ago
They're insights into the Spirit of DD . Nobody takes themselves seriously at DD, it demystifies both staff and models, makes everybody look human and the people-next-door. It's a humane approach to that sector of activity that is elsewhere based on pretense, fake, when not outright conning... DD, the huge majority of members, so I gather, love you for that and all the rest, accepting some spurts of lack of taste or clumsiness on the way... Keep it all the way up, guys !!!
chrisdolphin • almost 5 years ago
Keep the Backstage sets coming! If you don't like 'em then just skip looking at them. I'd echo some of the other posters and say I'd love to see more in-depth info/photos posted about some of the photoshoots - maybe pick a 1-2 specific sets each month and show how the Shoot was done in depth. Thanks guys!
tink1974 • almost 5 years ago
Personally,I think these behind the scenes sets are great,probably my favourite bit of the site.I find it really exciting seeing the girls being fussed over and made the centre of attention whilst they remove various items of clothing!Keep up the good work.
mattrum • almost 5 years ago
Photo 80: Looks like Charles is about to stomp your nuts, Stephen. P.S. You haters need to just go shoot your load before looking at these, then your brain might actually understand what goes on at the Ranch instead of being preoccupied with your pecker's friction coefficient. Personally, I'd love to come out and visit with the guys and watch everything happen. This site isn't like Hustler or Twisty's where the whole purpose is just to empty your sack. This site has a special kind of artistic view of women; still erotic but not trashy or disrespectful. I've actually helped them to find some of the models and they tell me that it is one of the best bunches of people to ever work with. What you are looking at in these sets is the real reason that they are able to get the talent that they do. The girls have a good time and love the experience.
divercraig • almost 5 years ago
Thanks DD, appreciate the behind-the-scenes "window".
jduck8 • almost 5 years ago
Love the behind the scene photos - thanks for posting these!!
tylerdurden9490 • almost 5 years ago
............and I forgot to mention, that shot of Khyanna in bed under the basketball net..............swish, 3 points!
tylerdurden9490 • almost 5 years ago
Almost any movie release nowadays has a ton of bloopers, making ofs, deleted scenes ect ect. I dont watch too many of them, but they sure dont make me want to return the movie or not buy it in the first place. Digital Desire releases these BTS sets so infrequently, they barely even register on my radar. And At $10 per month, the fantastic quality of the photography and models, This "idiot" is more than happy to view these "table scraps". I'll take this kind of filler any day over some rushed hack job of a photo shoot where it looks as if the model is on crack and the photgrapher is amateur at best. I do agree with the other member comments regarding more details of the shoot depicted, as well as cameras, lenses, lighting and so on. You guys have something special here, and those of us who love it would love to know more!
zymash • almost 5 years ago
I like these sets. They show how much work is involved and how hard you guy work behind the scenes. It's not as glamorous as one might expect. There's a lot of set-up and adjustments necessary to get the pics looking good. Then there's post editing. I would enjoy hearing/seeing a presentation from you on what's it's really like shooting the perfect shot for DD. I frequently attend trade shows, CES, PMA and PDN that have famous photographers representing say Canon or Nikon talking about their work and how they got certain shots in challenging situations and the like. BTW - Me thinks most of these are taken in Topanga
altezzars2000 • almost 5 years ago
People who want only "result" don't take any interest in backstage, maybe, nor talentsearch. But those who take an interest in "process" appreciate them. These are NOT sausage but really "BACKSTAGE"! For example, don't you want visit the backstage of your favorit musician? If there are many negative opinion, I recommend DD to separate backstage from regular updates like talent search.
nessent320 • almost 5 years ago
It was nice. Khyanna and Mia are always a treat. But that one wearing the blue hat is the ugliest woman I've ever seen. :-)
tra56kaa57 • almost 5 years ago
"Table scraps" for "idiots". Which would make the 'backstage' haters table-scrap eating idiots. Whatever works for you, fine. I enjoy the periodic glimpses of activities off set and on; if it was all DD turned out, that would be different. So hate all you want; I'd recommend you not waste your time (or mine) looking at them or hating on them.
eveq101 • almost 5 years ago
**1/2 I don’t mind a set here and there of you guys at work and the models, but you should include information on the stage settings and why. I am not a professional photographer but I would be interested on the camera, and camera equipment that was used. Regards, Eva. **1/2
joseph24 • almost 5 years ago
I'm constantly amazed at some of the comments here. Having been a member for years I've always appreciated the 'backstage' photos for exactly what they are. They are not meant to be sexually stimulating pictorials of the models. They are not intended to be a step by step tutorial of how to shoot naked women. Just a peek behind the scenes of Digital Desire actually working with the models on shoot days. I feel like some of you guys just need to put a punching bag in your garage. These BTS images are enjoyable for many of us and especially for me. Where else do you get to see this?
maxxrockett • almost 5 years ago
Thank you for the backstage sets! I'd welcome more!
eddie111 • almost 5 years ago
tarts4toots, you're a table scrap. Some members enjoy seeing how these photos, and videos are produced, and what's going on behind the cameras. For me, the variety is appreciated. Have you never seen the making of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calender? You're missing out. Thanks! Keep the back stagers coming boys!
dugout100 • almost 5 years ago
Love the backstage!
hs8092ad • almost 5 years ago
Love backstage photos, thanks for doing this.
philwasback • almost 5 years ago
AT LAST !! need more freqantly backstage photo's
altezzars2000 • almost 5 years ago
It's very interesting to see how the photosets were born.

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