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dsshop • about 4 years ago
Wow- Talia is incredible. Love all the pictures with those pretty FEET in them. Such beautiful feet and toes! An amazing PUSSY and ASS too!
tylerdurden9490 • over 4 years ago
Thanks to coniow for pointing out that Sabrine Maui shoot. A definite must see for for anyone obsessed with legs (and feet!) too bad it didn't show up in the home page listing though, I think it's going to miss a lot of exposure.
coniow • over 4 years ago
To bowsersheepdog: I think that tits4tat is referring to the Sabrine Maui set, which contains a lot of bare feets (sepu811 should love it). if you click on the "newest" button on top left of the home page you some times get the odd set that is not on the home page, this is one. Feet do not do it for me, but Sabrine is a girl I would love to see more of if there are any more sets stashed away? Like the Talia set: Don't normally go for such well upholstered girls, but her bust is not to big to sag yet, and is still shapely.
banjoman • over 4 years ago
Love her eyes, great smile, fantastic boobs and a nice pussy, what more would you want....
bowsersheepdog • over 4 years ago
excellent set, talia is damn hot. but what's this about a pulled set? i hate having my mind made up for me, i'd rather make the decision that something is not what i want to see for myself, i'm quite capable of turning the page, and then if others find it's okay for them that's fine.
number23 • over 4 years ago
Mark, the quality of your photography is exemplary in this set - I could wax lyrical about the model (your description above nailed it - cute and sexy with a heaping helping of seductive), the lighting, the framing and so on, but it would be superfluous to simply viewing it. Excellent set.
tylerdurden9490 • over 4 years ago
Images 36, 50 and 54...............worth 5 stars all by themselves!
ferretous • over 4 years ago
Oh I'm writing home alright... she is amazing.
sepu811 • over 4 years ago
barefoot feets always make the sets better&sexier!!!! thank you :-)) nice work!
michaeljones2 • over 4 years ago
Always liked Talia. Nice set, thanks.

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