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who8bat8 over 5 years ago
within the first 5 seconds of viewing her i had a springer and she was still clothed! she is a real hottie
sexaddict over 5 years ago
Loved this photo set. Sometimes you guys annoy me with the same pose varying only by slight changes in facial expression. Now, the same poses with changes in the way she fingers her pussy -- THAT is good stuff. I saved dozens of those closeups. Now to go get her video!
stamerican over 5 years ago
Nice funbags on this chick, and that looks like a happy clam to me! OK -- you want a serious critique of this photo essay? No? Too bad, lol. Some pics were too dark and repetitive, but all in all, I enjoyed this "spread" more than Spencer Scott's Playboy shoots for obvious reasons; it's more explicit and I love pussy! YUM, YUM, YUM! Playboy phototogs use lighting and color schemes quite a lot to their advantage -- but shit -- how many people do they have on their crews and how many editors, make-up artists and staff sweat the fine details? No problems with the color scheme here although it could have been much more if the DD crew had more resources and more time. The last 15 pics or so were totally superfluous, and photos of disembodied parts turn me off. But, I enjoy this site quite a lot, and recently cancelled my subscription and many years of loyalty to Playboy. J. Stephens and anyone with a pair of eyes knows his former colleagues have been brilliant in the past, but Playboy video has sucked since its inception circa 1980, and sad to say, Freytag and Wayda have seen more imaginative days in print media. Who am I to criticize so highly? That's a fair question since I'm nothing close to any kind of expert or professional, but some pictorials and videos here rock my world, and I will never knock anyone's creative spirit. This website is all about erotica, and God bless your souls, DD, you have often found it! I salute you with my erect body part, lol!
stevryd58 almost 6 years ago
spencer scott an absolute alpha female i should know !! an alpha male from australia angel face babe
nontheocrat almost 6 years ago
Hotness, thy name is Spencer! 5 stars for me!
eveq101 over 6 years ago
I so love the sequence of her spread i am addicted to a good and erotic spread, i take lessons from a good spreader.
jonlmccl over 6 years ago
I rarely like blondes, unless it's really short (like Ash Hollywood). What you guys did here was give this woman a really amazing look. Great shots. Beautiful model. Well done!
georgia22 almost 7 years ago
Whan an awesome and amazing beauty!
jackcelsius almost 7 years ago
Please MORE from this really pretty face !
kingofmine almost 7 years ago
i have her centerfold plby issue... this was way better!
entregado almost 7 years ago
A tender look in her eyes, a motherly taking in her breasts, a provocative call from her butt, a warm reception within her pussy... Thank you very much for this happy moment!

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