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rickmar1 about 1 year ago
WOW! How did I not find her before? Her eyes and smile are perfection and the rest of her is to die for.
dancan38 over 5 years ago
@ bob1glitch, probably because of her now famous smile and her fingering her hair... It may not be sufficient as a trademark on a glamour site... But she's really gorgeous and beyond rating, she's a class of her own.
dsshop over 5 years ago
Spencer is so SEXY BEAUTIFUL!
bob1glitch over 5 years ago
I agree with all the positive comments previously recorded, which makes me wonder how she is still only a 4??? What else could a guy want??? She's a 10 in my book!! Hope to see lots more of her. Keep up the good work. Love the site.
doctordiesel over 5 years ago
Scorching sex appeal both I'll bet!! Gorgeous Face and smile!! She also has a very delicious kitty and behind as well! Her titties even though not large by a long shot are very nicely shaped and firm! If you don't bring her back for more it will be a heinous crime!
spooners over 5 years ago
Spencer is with out a doubt one of the most beautiful girls you have had on your site. More Please!
lovemuscle over 5 years ago
Completely beautiful and sexy. When do we get to see her video?
tomtom1000 over 5 years ago
unbelievable sexy!
chriseugenebell over 5 years ago
Absolutely stunning. Thank you, sweetheart. Lovely!
uptonogood over 5 years ago
I personally find this set to be unique because I never just out-right laughed while viewing a photo set. Her smile is infectious and she's such an interesting blend of adorable, cute, and sexy. I really enjoyed this set.
tits4tat over 5 years ago
Super sweet. What a cute tidy little pussy she has. Much more to my taste than big slabs of raw steak. I don't think I could ever get tired of her smile no matter how much I saw it.
dnorton2812 over 5 years ago
dugout100 over 5 years ago
Correctly named as she spread bliss!
bowsersheepdog over 5 years ago
a few hours slurping on those fabulous nipples would be bliss indeed.
donlburt54 over 5 years ago
Spencer is definitely a keeper. More please...

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