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We'd been wanting to shoot Sophie for a while but our schedules never lined up. In fact this shoot almost never happened do to her Australian promotional tour/video sessions /vacation, which got moved up to the day after this production. Although Sophia is known for her mind blowing sex scenes with a boat load of participants, she had no problem adapting to her solo session in front of the still camera. In fact she is quite a natural model, or is it the fact that she's an exhibitionist which makes her so good in front of the camera? What ever the case...she's good. -Mark Lit
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who8bat8 said over 2 years ago
#52 53 55 wow 69 78 great shots! nice ass nice boobs and legs
ashleyrobbins said over 2 years ago
This is unquestionably the most impressive shoot on the entire DD site. To see the Sophie Dee hardcore XXXX performer we all know (and love) transformed into the soft, subtle and classy woman in this photo shoot is a testament to the talented photographers and crew behind the scenes. This just goes to show that adult performers can be portrayed as more that just a blunt instrument. Congratulations to everyone involved, and a special congratulation to Sophie - you look absolutely beautiful. This is the most beautiful shoot I have ever seen...ever!