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jeshshw about 1 month ago
As a fan of black ladies, I have to say that DD has succeeded in casting where the general adult industry has failed. Two very pretty girls with attractive bodies -- no excessive proportions, very different but attractive hairstyles. It's perfect. It's what I like to see. Good kissing too.
dancan38 about 4 years ago
Maybe not the wildest lesbians but they enjoyed mouthing each other and looked pleasantly eager to me... Besides I felt the urge to play any of the two parts and really felt the urge physically, which to me sums up the success of a G/G.
uptonogood about 4 years ago
I enjoy both these models very much. These two are among my favorites. Their last pairing seemed forced to me, but this one here-- in my opinion, was done right. I enjoyed this one a good bit and I always look forward to seeing more of both of these models-- solo or together.
trinity1945 about 4 years ago
ALSO: Congratulations to Charles Lightfoot for his debut set today on MET-Art. (Charles is being savaged on the site by the usual group of know-nothing, idiot MET-Art commenters, so you know his set is good.) Go, Charles, go!!
trinity1945 about 4 years ago
Agree with Rhyull -- "...credible performance without too much heat in it." I preferred the still set, tho I thought even that was pretty much by the numbers (#59 - yes! But it could have been anybody). They are both beautiful, natural, well endowed women & I preferred their solo sets to the g/g sets. Like to see more solo work, especially from Cherry.
rhyull about 4 years ago
I don't think either would be in my top ten women but they're nice looking and put in a credible performance without too much heat in it. A lot more girlfriends than mad with desire. I suppose the thing which always gets me about a pairing that are not naturally bi is how they approach tits. Which usually means sucking the nipple for variable amounts of time. Now maybe it's just me but I can't imagine many guys or bi-females look at a nice pair of tits and think "They're making me horny but I'll ignore the bulk of them and just go for the little bit on top". Even girls handling their own tits will tend to squeeze and massage them. So why imagine a female bed partner won't want the same? I blame porno movies who want to get past the foreplay as fast as possible and which are often confronted with silicon too. So when you're in there with a nice pair, give them what you like to get eh, girls? OK, that's my rant of the week :-)

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