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scottishswede • over 4 years ago
What imperfections? kb7ytk, you bumped your head!
walshey400 • over 4 years ago
Gorgeous! get this one back ASAP. #62 my fave
who8bat8 • over 4 years ago
wow so pretty!
dsshop • almost 5 years ago
Sally has great LIPS. Both Mouth and Pussy! #58 is a favorite. Very pretty FEET too!
lotus2012 • almost 5 years ago
0051 0052
ddphoto • about 5 years ago
#92 is my favorite, only turn it right side up...
craggin42 • over 5 years ago
beautiful. Just absolutely beautiful.
skinny22 • over 5 years ago
Please bring her back. She is stunning. What a beautiful face.
sarah25 • over 5 years ago
very nice set.
rfgu140673 • over 5 years ago
Wow amazing young Beautiful women,Thanks DDG.
celsocastilla1 • almost 6 years ago
I'm howling like a dog.
foops16 • almost 6 years ago
She's one of the hottest girls I've ever seen, so please get her back here asap!
oggy07 • almost 6 years ago
Best female parts down bottom I have ever seen and tasteful art work not trashy great work guys !!!!
mumblenny • almost 6 years ago
Best new model I've seen this year!! U can admire her all-natural beauty while lusting after her at the same time; a potential supermodel methinks! Excellent photography too, incl. the closeups (real works of art if u ask me, not just erotic art!).
stocky-6104 • almost 6 years ago
a natural beauty
rickmar • almost 6 years ago
Oh yeah!! What a great find. Definately bring her back for more. Also a thumbs up on 92-102.
daddyoh • almost 6 years ago
She's absolutely beautiful. I vote thumbs up on 92-102. Once again, we can see her...a triumph! I hope her beauty is as visible when her video comes out! Great stuff.
tylerdurden9490 • almost 6 years ago
I really like the photos of her with her standing with her hip thrust out and her nice flat stomach. Sexy.
jp3000 • almost 6 years ago
She has a beautiful mouth
slydog001 • almost 6 years ago
Very beautiful young woman, 18 & 29 are two of my favorites. 92 thru 102 are a little too close for my taste...
tits4tat • almost 6 years ago
Beautiful girl. What a cute, tidy little cookie she has.
sepu811 • almost 6 years ago
awesome girl and awesome work! I was really looking forward to see this set, and I love it! Keep going this way, and thanks for the barefoot
lokiloki01 • almost 6 years ago
Beautiful model, beautiful set,44,24 and 62 are really nice
christophec • almost 6 years ago
Beautifull pictures (as usual) and what a perfect skin... Is there a Photoshop work ?

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