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spooners2016 almost 4 years ago
Roxanne is the bomb! Want to see much more of her please!
shineon almost 4 years ago
mauddibb almost 4 years ago
Regarding the fuzzy/pale background, I have been frustrated many times by this. It seems like in the past 2-3 years DD photographers have been using grainy film stock (or whatever the digital equivalent is called) a lot more. This does a disservice to models with perfect skin --and other features--whose sensuality would be enhanced by sharper images especially in the close-ups. What's the deal here? Still a great set. #48 sums it up for me.
rickmar1 almost 4 years ago
Nice set! Roxanne is a sweet looking girl with a girl next door quality that I love (although I don't have any girls that look like her living next door). Absolutely nothing not to like about her.
emmsea almost 4 years ago
Roxanne is lovely, a fine addition to the DD clan. Great shots, lotsa variety. However, I agree with coniow, her pale skin seems washed out against the pale background. A darker background may have worked better, possibly a deep blue Pacific Ocean, lush green vegetation or possibly against a sun drenched cliff with Roxanne covered with oil. I'm sure you could find a volunteer in your neck of the woods to apply the oil. What the heck, offer me the job and I'll pay my own way over! A beaut weekend to one and all, I'm off to see Liverpool FC play in a somewhat chilly Brisbane.
tommy366 almost 4 years ago
Everything I was hoping for I found in these photos. A very sexy-yet-innocent look that I find irresistible. My expectations for the video are high!
coniow almost 4 years ago
I like Roxanne. She has a pale skin that does not contrast well with the backround, so she is lost within it to an extent. (Would suit a Megan Salinas tan better IMHO). With the darker floor, she looks so much clearer. Nit picking aside, a nice set, and good to see no head chopping! :-).
rufusk almost 4 years ago
Agree with timbini1!
timbini1 almost 4 years ago
Outstanding pictorial of a beautiful girl. Roxanne has a perfect body with great boobs, a sweet ass, pretty face and very nice pussy. And the photos are great.

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