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james743 • about 4 years ago
Those are some tig ole bitties. Wouldn't mind burying my face in them
jamied • over 4 years ago
Awe come on guys...She's fucking hot !!! what's wrong with a little flesh ?...Best sex I ever had was with a girl like this..
uptonogood • about 5 years ago
what a shame that (at the moment) we only have one photoset of this voluptuous beauty.
maineac68 • over 5 years ago
She is not a little girly girl. She is a total sensual woman. She could give you the ride of your life and then some!! Some of you immature brats with your negative comments wouldn't know a real woman unless one sat on your face! I just wish there were some shots of her voluptuous ass without the skirt overhanging.
madmax64 • over 5 years ago
It's great to see a natural woman.
riddick • over 5 years ago
That's what I call a real woman, she has everyting nicely put of what a real man needs. She will serve you a lifetime. Most agree with tits4tat & sonofzog. Very good choice of models DD team.
lsleelee • over 5 years ago
Really hot. One of the best on the site. Some seriously immature, rude assholes commenting here.
underdog • over 5 years ago
No tattoos with a natural body. Thank you, thank you.
sonofzog • over 5 years ago
Works for me. She's a pretty girl with a Rubenesque body. If you've never been to bed with a woman built along these lines, you're missing out on one of life's great pleasures.
momagic2 • over 5 years ago
Nice and thick with a meaty pussy!!!!!!!
sexaddict • over 5 years ago
Gorgeous model with a phenomenal, natural body. Thanks for not fixating on her amazing breasts, but sharing her other sensuous curves and lovely plump pussy! Hope to see more of Roxanne, but hate the corny porno screen name "Starbux." Really?
lieutenant030 • over 5 years ago
Oh I dunno, pic 49 is quite inviting.

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