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onedarknight over 3 years ago
Ha ha ha trinity1945, one shouldn't need a special font for sarcasm, it should be apparent to everyone when one is being sarcastic. Shouldn't it? See no special font required there. Seriously thought I totally agree with what you have to say about Riley. She is, as I have stated before, a little Angel of Sin! One could go to Hell for the the things one would do with this woman and still be Heaven. Ahh the irony. It's nice to see her being a little more seductive than her more familiar hell for leather, open the flood gates, have fluids will secrete for everywhere possible work. I find this far more erotic and sensual. Not that I object to her full on hardcore work that is. Thanks Riley, you are a gem. x
michaeljones2014 over 3 years ago
Riley so beautiful, what a babe. Great set. Thanks sweetie for once again draining me dry!
tommy366 over 3 years ago
Cute, cute, cute!
lostnoiz71 over 3 years ago
thoroughly enjoyed this set
darkwand over 3 years ago
this girl is lovely!! and not shaved (thank God). These kinds of shoots are the reason that I continue to be a member on this site.
trinity1945 over 3 years ago
Riley is athletic and wildly enthusiastic in her hard-core work. She "drives" her male partners "wild with desire". Lots of sweat. The bigger male performers like to pick her up and do her standing. Lots of sweat. Riley is very popular with the crowd making .gif loops. Lots of sweat. Nice change of pace here. Didn't even break a sweat, tho I'm amazed considering how hard she worked getting those panties off. Thanks, guys. Go, Riley, Go! Actually, I really like Riley. (Would someone please develop a special font for irony & sarcasm?)
dnorton2812 over 3 years ago
Wow! Very nice!

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