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In hiring Riley, she admitted that she wanted to model for us so she could shop more. The local Forever 21, and Papaya in her Nor-Cal home-town already know her by name, and she plans on knowing them a lot better after this modeling tour in So-Cal. This fashionista was offended when I tried to suggest wardrobe, so I let her have at it. After-all, it's not what she's wearing, but what she's not wearing. -Mark Lit
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chriseugenebell said over 2 years ago
Georgia22. Maybe you should have your coke bottles checked next time you view this set, because she's plenty naked in more than half the set. She's beyond beautiful in my opinion. Have you paid attention to get eyes and lips? What about get smile? I doubt it. Riley! Thank you for revealing your gorgeous body for us to enjoy! Love your ass and pussy. Slurp! :-P
dancan38 said over 2 years ago
Riley is very attractive, if only because she's not a classical beauty, makes her more human... and humane, maybe ! You feel like kissing her a lot !
coolhandluke said over 2 years ago
sexaddict said over 2 years ago
Beautiful woman with a gorgeous pussy. I hope to see more of Riley.
gobucks79 said over 2 years ago
set does not do this beauty justice, wonderful model, not a great shoot ... HOPE WE SEE MORE! ; > )
reboulin said over 2 years ago
Riley,une savoureuse poupée !!!
tra56kaa57 said over 2 years ago
Yep, a small set, but a beautiful young woman. I'm hoping it's a FIRST set, of many, because the potential is there. Image #8 is indicative of the kind of potential I see in her. Please, more...for me, and so Riley can enjoy additional retail therapy.
ddphoto said over 2 years ago
#47 is far and away my favorite image, especially as there is a little juice oozing out of her kitty. She has a strikingly beautiful face too, and the close ups in front of the blue background are very attractive. I like the attention to color coordination of wardrobe and set, and the warm hair light combined with the warm wood compliment her skin tone.
michaeljones2 said over 2 years ago
Always thought Riley was super cute save for all the ink on her arm. This was great set. Had been a while since we saw any material from her.