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dsshop • about 4 years ago
I find Rilee Amazingly SEXY HOT!
william27 • over 4 years ago
Very hot. And I like the fact her vids are a bit different from teh standard strip & tease
fivewheelers • over 4 years ago
I too am captivated by this young woman! Hate seeing all those tatted freaks everywhere. There's nothing worse than seeing a beautiful lady marked up with ink! Can we get more of her please; totally nude and head to toe!?
callmezeke • over 4 years ago
I concur with the photographer. Rilee's cute. Without braces she'll be a fox. Very nice body, too. Would especially like to see more pics or videos of her, full nude, preferably no gaping-twat shots.
sonofzog • over 4 years ago
All of those here dumping on Rilee -- please, send her my way. I absolutely adore her: beautiful surprising body and dripping with sexuality.
tylerdurden9490 • over 4 years ago
Funny thing about that whole girl next door thing. Generally speaking, you'd assume she'd be all shy and inexperienced, but all of a sudden you get this sweet, innocent looking cutie spread wide open with her fingers buried up to the 2nd knuckle! Glad you guys decided to shoot her, I sense perhaps the beginning of something beautiful here?
hs8092ad • over 4 years ago
Really cute, pretty girl. Doesn't look like a porn star, and no ugly tattoos. Don't understand the hate she is getting, but to each their own. Nice shots though I would have liked to see the panties off completely.
number23 • over 4 years ago
Beautiful girl, sexual woman - I get your "girl-next-door" problem, the braces alone make her seem so very young, but look past that and you see the magnificent, confident grown woman she really is. Great picture set, reminded me of how much I love this woman's work.
kenoch819 • over 4 years ago
It's your site, so you know your concept. But as a customer, I disagree with your comment about the "girl next door" image. Thousands of sites feature women who are tattooed and pierced and boob-jobbed, and who look like they just want to snort their next line of coke. I feel sorry for them, but I don't find them sexy. As you say somewhere, you treat your models with a little more dignity, and it shows in the pix and videos. Give me a "girl next door" image any day.
fshar62 • over 4 years ago
ddphoto • over 4 years ago
Rilee is fabulous. I especially love the ones looking right down on her, spread out on the white fur.
bozman • over 4 years ago
So, so beautiful. More pictures, more videos please.

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