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Raven was so unique in many ways. Her face is truly exotic--a sultry blend of Colombian, American Indian and Euro descent. She's a full figured all natural girl as well and believes in sporting an 'old-school' bush. She had energy to burn and kept the Ranch team entertained all day. Best of all she's a talented singer/guitar player and she constantly grabbed the house guitar between situations and wailed. Raven is simply put a whole lotta woman! -J. Stephen Hicks
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Member Comments (33)

tits4tat said 9 months ago
That may be the finest specimen of Castoridae that I have seen. It should be mounted and stuffed.
tortoise03 said over 1 year ago
Great bush, more please!
rootrat said almost 2 years ago
assmanieh said about 2 years ago
Elegant classic beauty. Wow!!!!!!!!
assmanieh said about 2 years ago
this is one of the most beautiful, sexually desirable women I've ever seen. I'm a butt man, and she has excellent hips!
eveq101 said about 2 years ago
**** 1/2
daflores said about 2 years ago
Raven Rockette, one of my all time favorites. Please bring her back before the Adult Industry turns her into a clone.
calcar said about 2 years ago
Great to see a bush and disagree with all the people here saying going down on a woman with a bush is a negative experience. It holds the strong muskyt female sex smell much better with hair on the genitals. i often get more aroused from the 60' and 70' sex movies where women always had a full bush then from todays tendency to shave or even laser pubic hair away.
craggin42 said about 2 years ago
Yes, I agree. Gotta have some bush; it's time for the all shaved look to move on.
biker88 said about 2 years ago
One of the most erotic in recent times! Love that bush too. Don't listen to those folks who want to take a razor to everything. She is just fantastic!
jcurto said about 2 years ago
cassie1055, your trolling needs some work
njcelt said about 2 years ago
Nice bush, a welcome sight, on this site!
sonofzog said about 2 years ago
I miss the anecdotes about the model and would love to hear something about Raven. What a lovely natural body she has. Please tell me she's got a husky voice because that would really put her over the top. As usual, great photography. As proof, I offer #92 -- convert that image to grey scale so you can really observe the skill in handling light. +100!
four89runner said about 2 years ago
This is the way a woman should look. no body augmentation and bush. It would be extremely wonderful if we could get more pictures and video of this young lady and more ladies like her.
champignac said about 2 years ago
She reminds me the "L'origine du monde" painting (the world origin for you non French speakers) by Gustave Courbet. Google it to find out. The painting can be seen freely at the Orsay museum. The resemblance is striking.
batman66 said about 2 years ago
I wouldn't mind a little bit less bush, but this girl is stunning. Fantastic and more of her please!
0716jul said about 2 years ago
WE GOT BUSH!!!!!!!
rickmar said about 2 years ago
Beautiful woman, perfect body and the bush is more than OK! Bring her back.
simchris said about 2 years ago
beauty way to go ...
rollo1 said about 2 years ago
Nice bush, but too many pics of it. Next time, have some more waist-high shots of her beautiful tits.
tits4tat said about 2 years ago
Look at the comments! I think we were all ready for a change of pace. I really enjoyed seeing a woman that hadn't been as 'customized' as a lot of the girls on DD. Excellent!
mtntrails said about 2 years ago
Perfect in every way, awesome lighting. Thank god some women are content wih their bodies without mutilation, scarification, and razors !! Thank you Raven.
electriclion said about 2 years ago
Bush, only 1 tiny tat on her hip, natural setting and light, simple pictures with very few props. Why do I feel like this shoot was done sometime in the 80's?
moonwolf said about 2 years ago
Perfection as nature intended.... Bravo on a beautiful all natural woman!
rebar10issguy said about 2 years ago
best model in a while. hope to see her in a video soon! a new favorite; natural, no tats, no body piercing and some pubic hair. very beautiful young woman
patriots2001 said about 2 years ago
Finally a beautiful women with some bush! And no tatoos either. Perfect.
jcurto said about 2 years ago
We need more chicks like her, chicks that are willing to grow it out!
willyworm said about 2 years ago
A stunningly beautiful, natural girl. A well shot set of erotic images. Love the bush!
christophec said about 2 years ago
Very exciting body...
cdeeble said about 2 years ago
Please get some more of this gorgeous creature before she destroys that steamy jungle! She sizzles...
philwasback said about 2 years ago
I fully agree with stephen and a very nice bush, it is !! love it
maxgilmour said about 2 years ago
So modern - lovely model, beautiful pictures. 2 thumbs up !
stephen55 said about 2 years ago
Nothing better than starting my day off with some bush..