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rickmar1 about 3 years ago
Rahndee is rapidly moving up in my list of all time favorites. She is so sexy and sultry looking combined with a perfect body. My only real complaint about this video is that we didn't get to see that gorgeous ass. Heaven on earth would be spending eternity in bed making love to her
amantecono over 3 years ago
An amazing lady! And such wonderful camera work! When she is in bed and she is spreading her legs and the sunbeam is between her legs and she is finally opening wide @ 7:07 and the camera comes in close up between her legs, I think I'm falling in love with this woman! Now this is one amazing woman! And her pussy is so open and deliciously wet! This is one of the best views ever! Perfect! More videos like this! Thanks, DD! Thank you so much, Rahyndee!
amantecono over 3 years ago
Asombroso senora!
lash111 about 5 years ago
I saved this one till last in a little session was well worth the wait! Great babe, great video..thnx
deckhand about 5 years ago
i love the lighting. i think this type of set and lighting makes it more believable on how a woman would pleasure herself. beautiful woman, some unique moves, this is in my current top five vids
dancan38 over 5 years ago
Not a screamy (nor creamy...I agree with gobucks79 !) orgasm but she's the embodiment of sensuality ... She's divine !
dsshop over 5 years ago
I love the way Rahyndee moves that fine ASS from the very beginning! Wow - the way she takes those panties off is very SEXY! And then as she is rubbing her pussy the way that pretty asshole goes in and out of the light - Incredible! Beautiful Video!
lst846 over 5 years ago
This is one seriously beautiful woman, and she takes my breath away.
tgvp76 over 5 years ago
watching her taking off her panties was an incredibly erotic sequence, she is stunning
tits4tat over 5 years ago
If not for that one little spot of light hitting her pussy I would hate your guts. But that one spot was all it took. Overall a beautiful video. Rahyndee is incredible.
celsocastilla1 over 5 years ago
Incredible work. Artistic. Erotic. Beautiful woman.
tra56kaa57 over 5 years ago
Beautiful girl. Realistic set and lighting. SO enjoyable.
qqqqq4 over 5 years ago
~ !!!!! ~ thank you...
reboulin over 5 years ago
Rahyndee,une sublime plante!!!
rickmar over 5 years ago
You have done it again. You've found another gem in Rahyndee. Great video of a beautiful girl!
ddphoto over 5 years ago
I thought it was perfect. This is exactly what I want to see. A beautiful girl in bed slowly getting herself off. She is so desirable, and appears to be totally relaxed and into it. I love how close you were able to get the cameras without disturbing her. It's as if we're right there, inches away, just enjoying her enjoying herself. I don't know how you could improve on this. I'm ready to renew my membership for another year.
gobucks79 over 5 years ago
hmm .. I too interestingly like the rocking at the start, I tend to fast foward a lot and here found myself lingering a bit. Very attractive lady, beautiful lighting, but the two did not marry well, too many shadows at the wrong times! LOL! .. Ok I hate to be too graphic but all this time with DDG I have been wondering... I have not set any records but I have played with my fair share of pussy ... they always get very wet ... why does this one and so many on our website stay so DRY, I mean turned on or not, the human lubrication system generally seems to work ... hey guys hand them some baby oil or something!!!! Interesting here I would guess implants but I do not KNOW for sure! Good work if they are and I lean that way at times and other times I am just not sure?
nessent320 over 5 years ago
Maybe it's common knowledge to professional erotic photographers, but I was surprised and delighted when I realized that her rocking back and forth at the beginning of the video reminded me of a more hard-core activity that we don't see on this site. :-) I think that it added a very sexy and subtle touch. Even apart from the fact that Rahyndee is a very sexy girl, congratulations to the photographer for a very nice bit of technique.
rhyull over 5 years ago
No doubt there will be the usual complaints about the lighting but I'm still here for the natural light and the fantasy that it's all real. Heck, she even left her tits alone so I would have something to play with while I watched her!

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