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rickmar1 • 3 months ago
Every time I see Paulina she only gets hotter.
jxster • over 2 years ago
This has to be one of my favorite pictorials ever. God damnit she's so gorgeous!
millburn19 • over 3 years ago
Paulina is stunning. She is one of those rare woman who is so elegant and so wonderfully nasty at the same time.
jasjasv • over 4 years ago
que pena q no haya mas ! Es fantastica!
stamerican • over 4 years ago
Ooooohweeee! I would lick the sweat from between her perfect tits and work my way downward!
callmezeke • over 4 years ago
Paulina's such a sexy woman, with superlatively beautiful breasts. High praise for the full-nudity shots. Open legs are great. Not really into the stretched-pink and gaping-twat motif, though. (Special thanks for 31, 55, 56, and 88.)
tirronan • almost 5 years ago
Too bad we can't get a few more shoots in if she is still in shape for it
number23 • almost 5 years ago
This woman is just wonderful - I wholeheartedly concur with every desire that's been expressed for more! Seriously - if you guys find anything featuring Paulina at all, please do post it...
moonhart • almost 5 years ago
High legs and rear shots - excellent!
366tommy • almost 5 years ago
I'm glad my neighbors couldn't hear the sounds I was making as I viewed this set ---- lots of "Wow"s and whistles. Paulina will shortly be joining my "Favorite Models" roster, and I look forward to spending lots of quality time with this beauty.
tylerdurden9490 • almost 5 years ago
Gorgeous. Res looks just fine on my mobiles!
bob1glitch • almost 5 years ago
I'm sure there are more gems like this in the archives.Keep them coming.Resolution and age don't matter when the women look this good!!!
rickmar • almost 5 years ago
OH MY FUCKING GOODNESS!!! Please tell me you have more material on her! I don't care how old these are. She is spectacular!!!
reboulin • almost 5 years ago
Paulina,une pure-beauté avec des yeux!!! ¤¤¤ LOVE ¤¤¤
bushmasterviper • almost 5 years ago
pic 39 omg she looks so freaking tasty
simchris • almost 5 years ago
simply: wow
swinston • almost 5 years ago
More of this incredibly beautiful woman.
tits4tat • almost 5 years ago
A beautiful, sexy model that let's it all hang out. Nothing wanting here but higher resolution images.
selflessg • almost 5 years ago
Thank you for including the resolution in the zip filename so we know ahead of time which sets are too low-res to bother downloading. Some sites try to hide just how low-res their photosets are and you have to go through all the bother of downloading and extracting the zip file only to find the resolution sucks and you need to delete the whole download.
christophec • almost 5 years ago
Ouh lalala, ouh lalala !....
michaeljones2 • almost 5 years ago
Always thought Paulina was one of the most gorgeous models to appear on DDG as well as other sites. She bears some resemblance to Malena Morgan who also is one of my favorite girls. This was a great set, thanks.
philwasback • almost 5 years ago
Perfect !!
darlings01966 • almost 5 years ago
Ah, that Paulina--the one who worked so well with Adriana Sage! A long time coming for her solo performance, and not to be missed! She defines sensuality.

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