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mikes1 • over 3 years ago
Damn, Niki is beautiful!
skyking9001 • about 4 years ago
Sunny Lane "Toy Story" is Hotter! You Guys need to check that out. There are two of them, I'm talking especially about the one with the Drapes getting blown by the wind. Pure Perfection!
mountainjam • about 4 years ago
that's how you do it! other Flirty girls take note...
who8bat8 • over 4 years ago
oh my i love the way she talks sexy!
ddperez8 • over 4 years ago
Simply fantastic! Niki is absolutely beautiful. Love her voice. Best video I have seen!!
darkwand • over 4 years ago
this has to be the sexyiest movie I have ever seen!! yes, definitely more like this!!
valarana • over 4 years ago
Well done Niki and DD crew. Finally a video porn star who can act.
366tommy • over 4 years ago
Please! More videos like this one --- the talking is a real turn-on and the girl is gorgeous: what more could I want? (And anyone who prefers no talking can press the "mute" key.)
jtropp3 • over 4 years ago
I love the flirt videos. Kill the music and let the girl express herself. Niki is drop dead sexy!
michaeljones2 • over 4 years ago
Niki is lovely, I remember her from when she was a Playboy Model. Great vid but a bit too much talking.
dsshop • over 4 years ago
FUCK! Niki is HOT! Love hearing the sexy voices in these flirt videos. And I love a sexy hot blonde babe in short jean shorts! When she takes off those jean shorts revealing no panties - Incredible! Then moving on to spreading and smacking that amazing ASS! Niki is a DREAM!
tra56kaa57 • over 4 years ago
You promised flirty and interactive, and you delivered. Nicely.
dugout100 • over 4 years ago
stangman6785 • over 4 years ago
Love the fantasy babe

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