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dnm1250 • over 2 years ago
Nicole is great, but, alas, the tits are not natural.
doctordiesel • about 5 years ago
Not only is Nicole incredibly hot she also has the most gorgeous looking pussy Ive seen for a long time. If you were to google "hottest pussy ever" a picture of her pussy should come as the very first image. I love the candle tease that just leaves you begging for more.
horsenu • over 5 years ago
pieters; And you Know that's a fake orgasm, How?
pieters • over 5 years ago
Totally fake orgasm but she's great
horsenu • over 5 years ago
Well to add my two cents worth, again. I would say we might like to see Nicole look into the camera quite alot, with eyes of mischief, eyes of excitement, eyes of pleasure and finally eyes of passion,fulfillment!! Maybe we're in the room with her, she's showing us what we could have once she's teased us and gotten us and her ready to be fulfilled!! Maybe she's a fantasy coming true?!! Whatta woman!!
eveq101 • almost 6 years ago
Nicole is a contemporary artist, and she is just part of the evolution of progress. For me what brings me to ecstasy is the imagery of what erotic, and sensual is or could be (a bit metaphysical but that is the way I run) and the way my brain process these images and bring me to climax. Her cosmetic alterations are just part of her individualistic preferences and philosophy. I soooo admire her taste, cosmetic alterations, preferences, and philosophy. She is a just a phenomenal Fuck Doll
horsenu • almost 6 years ago
The Best video ever! I'll give Nicole, honey a standing ovation. Beautiful Smile, Awesome body, Wonderful @@ and a Tasty... OH, oh yea!!!
pussyman2 • almost 6 years ago
Just lovely, simple, no toys, fingers teasing a beautiful young woman satisfying her desire and shareing it with us. thanks Nicole, a classic.
rgarjr • almost 6 years ago
yummie, que riqua panochita tiene esta hyna.
wmhrdn • almost 6 years ago
jajaja que cuerpo
hensoldt22 • almost 6 years ago
Beautiful face, beautiful puss, knows how to move and connect with audience. Excellent video. Nice camera work too.
saldoman • almost 6 years ago
Full lips, large natural tits and that sweet trimmed pussy, Nicole is the complete package. Her hardcore work is amazing!
rebar10issguy • almost 6 years ago
yummy and juicy! thanks NIcole!
monitor68 • almost 6 years ago
what a body!!!!!!!!!
letsflirtforfun • almost 6 years ago
The best part is when she's looking into the camera the whole way through the video. Makes you feel she's masterbating with you...more of that please!!
jules888 • almost 6 years ago
She has the best,sweetest,cutest pussy I have ever seen. More of her please !!

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