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godzilla • about 4 years ago
I'm always amused at the people who think they are a better class of human because they only LOOK at porn, they don't pose for it!
who8bat8 • over 4 years ago
very hott and sexy!!!
callmezeke • over 4 years ago
Gorgeous set. Pink Floyd had 'Obscured By Clouds'. Here we have 'Obscured by Blinds'. Thanks for 84 and 85, though. The rest of the set mostly made me wish I was on the other side of the blinds...
mumblenny • over 5 years ago
Interesting that there's so many comments here - I think it's Natalia / Sophia that's the artist! I bet if I made a top-10 list of my fave DD sets, she'd be in half of em! Beautiful, sensual, desirable & mesmerizing; to me she's cat-like, but also genuine, a bit raw and approachable. If she don't do it for you, you better check your pulse!
tra56kaa57 • over 5 years ago
I've always thought she was exotic and gorgeous. I think this set is interesting and sexy. Not all sets are the same. They're like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get. This set tastes good to me.
wolf55 • over 5 years ago
To me, one of the major flaws that ends up happening so many times with this type of set - Voyeurism - is that the model ends up making eye contact with the camera and keeps it for the remainder of the set. This didn't happen here, and for that, I say kudos! :D Very enjoyable both the model and the photographs!
joe1931 • over 5 years ago
A very nice set..(the photos aren't bad either I'm not usually a fan of tattoos but Natalia wears em as well as anyone. On another note, what an honour to have Forrest Gump here with us!

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