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dancan38 • over 4 years ago
very photogenic body !
dsshop • about 5 years ago
Mira is such an Incredible SEXY BEAUTY! What a PRETTY PUSSY & ASSHOLE she has! I would love to just KISS and LICK all over both of them. Beautiful long legs and SEXY FEET in those Heels! Mira is PERFECT!
eveq101 • over 5 years ago
****I love her slender bod and I adore her long gorgeous hair, and oh my God those hands are beeeeattefulll! Am adding my comments on her solo Vid. She had my Kitty purring like a panther! She has the talent I hope all of you DD and her can get a bit more intense with her next vids. Muah!****
treasurechest99 • over 5 years ago
Where am I? Who am I? What happened! I can't breathe! Mira is breathtakingly gorgeous!..........more of Mira please Stephen.
ainur1797 • over 5 years ago
i'm stunned
sarah25 • almost 6 years ago
gorgeous set- very sensual!
tylerdurden9490 • almost 6 years ago
Just watched the video, had to come check out the stills! Yup, she still has a fantastic athletic body, and I really dig the lighting of the photos in front of the window.
rickmar • almost 6 years ago
Mira is spectacular! Flawless body and a gorgeous face. Lets have MUCH more of her!
aamgddesire • almost 6 years ago
I love the positions you and her worked in this set. I wish more models pose like her.
christophec • almost 6 years ago
Wow... This girl is a real Lady.
darkwand • almost 6 years ago
Slam. Dunk. This girl is *hot*!! She is like the textbok meaning of hot.
zippy33 • almost 6 years ago
shot # 40 is killer
georgia22 • almost 6 years ago
Fantastic set. DD guys, you have been knocking them out of the park lately. Keep up the great work.
born83 • almost 6 years ago
Bravo, enfin un set dont les photos s'enchainent sans reference au déroulement d'une video.
jcurto • almost 6 years ago
Love the landing strip and spreading photos!
sepu811 • almost 6 years ago
what a perfect pussy and nice closeups! Please more of her... Awesome!
alpha1 • almost 6 years ago
Very nice!

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