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brieneggs • almost 3 years ago
One thing youse guys should remember is that everything is shot in pure HD.gorgeous girls in HD! That's already 60 per cento of the action! Then if the girls are superlatively hot and willing then that's yer thrill innit! Knockout...i'd say! Oh, this one? its a set up for sure but its a very good one! Don't get jaded guys, Hot summers day, warm sweaty bodies? perfect! Hand full of goo! For you! Now go shave that beard off! Silly bugger.
dsshop • almost 5 years ago
These two are BEAUTIFUL together! The way they lick each other from behind is AMAZING! Well done Mandy and Mika!
qqqqq4 • over 5 years ago
~ and then there were two ~ woohoo two!
darlings01966 • over 5 years ago
Love the sound of the birdies in the background--it really brings nature into the mix! And all the attention they give to each other's pussy is not bad either....
eveq101 • over 5 years ago
michaeljones2 • over 5 years ago
Nice video. It's just too bad that Mika decided to put all that ink on her arm. She is such a beautiful girl.
halfast11 • over 5 years ago
I would love to see solo photo shoots for both of these lovely ladies
simchris • over 5 years ago
Lots of great angles and positions, thanks!

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