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emmsea over 3 years ago
Thanks fellas, another great Michaela set. It's easy to see why she's in such demand. Any chance of getting her to the Ranch? I'd love to see what you guys could come up with. Thanks MC from Oz.
dancan38 over 3 years ago
sophisticated lady ! Rather slim and classy ! (Odd vicinity of the next video following on the site !!! I'm curious to see what the ranking gets to with those two latest ssues !) .#49 is breathtaking - eyes dilated (is she high on some stuff ?), breasts acting bold, nice profile with tummy and bum (I'd go mad on those two firm buttocks) - and her pussy is mouth-watering ... just drop-dead gorgeous in her slender sort of way ! I like #54 , 'coz she has no waistline, actually, that makes her more real, less perfect - we don't want perfection, do we ? Makes her look under age .I like those haphazard strokes of Nature with unconventional and unpredictable physical assets or flaws !!!... No help from the surgeon... Also wouldn't mind having her as a book-end on my shelves...#63 is cute . And her hands with short unsophisticated nails , nice and appropriate ! That girl is growing on me...the more I see her...I hope Michaela hasn't on her agenda to get into porn, that would be such a waste of pure sublime and spoiling that beauty would be a crime ... BTW, thanks, Photog, for all those full shots, we really got a feeling of our princess !!! I'm totally fulfilled ! I hope the video is coming on soon ! MIchaela is a DD star !
ppetep over 3 years ago
Love the full length shots and absence of the extreme cropping that has been prevalent lately. Posing and lighting are also well done.
coniow over 3 years ago
Delightful set of a delightful model. Michaela seems to have the knack for interesting poses, and has a rapport with the camera that shows. Can't wait for her next installment! And echo Dugout100: Some Videos would be good!
krode2014 over 3 years ago
She is a breathtaking beauty. Her eyes are so full of life. And I love the location. It all blends in perfectly.
renegade1 over 3 years ago
Simple and clean I like it.
dugout100 over 3 years ago
Beautiful - when do we get a video of Michaela?
dnorton2812 over 3 years ago
Very nice.

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