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plasmoid • almost 2 years ago
2nd the motion for more shots from behind, its whats lacking on a lot of shoots which I don't get at all!
rickmar1 • almost 2 years ago
She is a little too bubble butted for my tastes, but, still one of the most beautiful models on this site. Definitely a 5.
emmsea • about 2 years ago
A beautiful girl with a breathtaking smile . . . you had to be on a winner! Great set. Thanks, MC from Oz.
tommy366 • over 4 years ago
I had a friend, years ago, who said that his tongue "got hard" when he looked at a particularly attractive female. --- When I gaze at Mia, it's not only my tongue that stiffens.
who8bat8 • over 4 years ago
one super lady would give her more the 5 stars
sexaddict • over 4 years ago
Mia Malkova has a sweet face, amazing bubble butt, and one of the loveliest pussies ever. On a side note, while I don't generally get involved in the meta-discussion here in the comments, I really don't see the need for hostility among strangers, gman. And to answer your question, Brits say "arse." I have no idea what a "trailer park boy" is, but it's clearly a bigoted metaphor.
bowsersheepdog • almost 5 years ago
whenever i look at mia i try to think of a girl on here with better arse, but i honestly can't. 29 and 30 are simply blissful. conversely when i see a fabulous arse i consider it against mia's, but the champion always retains her title. if one day you find one to decisively beat her it'll be one hell of a sight to see. mia is outstandingly pretty too and i'm with g37 on the facials, if i may use that term, 3, 52, 68 and 91 are lovely.
rufusk • almost 5 years ago
Agree with tits4tat, just wish there was more shots from behind butt overall a nice shoot and a hot model!!!
tits4tat • almost 5 years ago
Very pretty. What a cute little bubble butt she has!

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