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What you see is what you get. Not only are Malena and Hayden good friends, they also share a certain physical craving for each other as you can see. In these instances, it's best to find an open, and relatively even lighting source and let the girls have at it without too much direction from me. If all goes well the result is visually beautiful and certainly titillating. -Mark Lit
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dsshop said over 2 years ago
10 Stars out of 5! Hayden and Malena have the #1 Girl-Girl photo and video set on this site. Love all the pictures of their tongues coming together like #21. And knowing those tongues will be in each others pussy. And Fuck Me - #91 - Am I seeing that right?! Hayden's finger in Malena's Ass! Wow - you don't see that often here. Especially two gorgeous babes like this. Amazingly SEXY all around photo set!
countmacula said over 2 years ago
I LOVE the neck kissing shots. Every lesbian shoot should have them.
rickmar said over 2 years ago
This is, without a doubt, the most scorching hot girl/girl set you have ever done. I don't know how you could ever top it. OUT FUCKING STANDING!
jjj9999 said over 2 years ago
tylerdurden9490 said over 2 years ago
I don't think it can get much better than this!
django72 said over 2 years ago
Can I join you?
sexaddict said almost 3 years ago
Fantastic. I only wish I could eat Malena Morgan's pussy like Hayden got to...
darlings01966 said almost 3 years ago
One of your greatest shoots ever! These two make their love seem so real, and when they go down on each other it's totally believable. What Hayden is able to do with her tongue takes my breath away. And the "A" set is nicely complemented by the "B" shots. Bravo!