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lash111 over 2 years ago
Unbelievable. After a hectic couple of days I decided to sit back, relax, and give myself the pleasure I needed, and I still went back to this video
rickmar1 over 2 years ago
HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!! She always was and always will amazingly hot.
willypete about 3 years ago
There are a lot of hot new girls, like Uma & Ryan Ryans, but Malena is the Gold Standard that all girls should be judged against. She is the best!
ppetep over 4 years ago
Hot! Her July 2011 video was even hotter!
lash111 over 4 years ago
Three years later and I still come back to this video. Utterly mesmerised by Malena from head to toe. Any more material from her?!
uptonogood almost 6 years ago
Best. Video. Ever. This is exactly what I keep looking for in adult entertainment. It's not simply about seeing beauty and nudity, but also real passion. This was the epitome of all those things perfectly fitted together. So awesome! I am a happy customer! Malena-- thank you so much for sharing yourself like this with us! And thanks to DD for getting this one just right!
who8bat8 almost 6 years ago
she is on fire love the ending
davidhaney almost 6 years ago
Thank you for sharing!
dsshop almost 6 years ago
Wow, where do you start! Those tight white pants on that incredible ASS and long legs looks so SEXY! Malena Rocks the hip movements. And that ASS when she pulls those tight pants down is so HOT! The way she pulls those panties tight against that sweet pussy! And as she pleasures herself, she really likes to do a full spread, ASS and all. If I can steal her quote at the end - "FUCK YEA"
yapyapyapyipyeep about 6 years ago
"Oh god i'm coming again" my heart stopped, Malena is simply the definition of sex, fucking astonishing
stamerican about 6 years ago
I guess some guys can't whack off to video if you do a fade out now and then. Pop some Viagra, dude, and chill yourself. No one else had a problem, and gave this video high praise. What's up with calling people on this site idiots? Learn some fucking manners or just stay silent. It was FINE.
tylerdurden9490 over 6 years ago
With a face like Malena's, who needs a killer body and awesome moves? I do! What a pleasure to watch. Malena is 100% performer, Encore, Encore!

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