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Honestly, I haven't looked at any of these Madison photos since the day after I shot them. Now, looking back...dare I say, I think she's one of the prettiest models I've shot. Madison is just a classic beauty. I could see her face being plastered in any main stream magazine, modeling any thing from jeans, to cosmetics. She is simply gorgeous. My fav shot has got to be #112 -Mark Lit
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Member Comments (7)

who8bat8 said about 2 years ago
such a pretty lady! she is excellent!
dsshop said over 2 years ago
Cute Girl with a great ass in Jeans and Heels. I love watching jeans get peeled off a nice ass!
django72 said over 2 years ago
A girl from next door. More...
newyork77 said about 3 years ago
This is a great set because the model is just so beautiful and because of how great the photography was, regardless of whether you were hiding a tattoo the clothing angle worked perfectly. Awesome job, would love to see more of this model.
horsenu said over 3 years ago
Fantastically Beautiful Girl!! Shame about the tatoo, even though it appears to be a very well done rose and maybe something else. The photographer did a nice job, by having her drape her blouse over it and little "covering" sometimes adds to the mystery, you know!
mtntrails said over 3 years ago
This woman/girl is simply without peer. The photography is subtle, evocative, and done in a spot on style for her. With the exception of the anatomy lesson and lack of pubic hair, it is one of the best sets you have done. Kudos to the model and photographer!
michaeljones2 said over 3 years ago
Very nice. Look forward to seeing Madison's video in a couple of days.