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ziggyslide • over 5 years ago
One of the most Erotic Scenes I have ever seen. No over the top acting just a beautiful woman playing with no goal of going hard core. I applaud this shoot as being the sexiest I have ever seen.
fire4321 • over 5 years ago
this is one great piece of art, thank you!
akambe • about 6 years ago
Thank goodness she didn't talk or try to act in this one. A+
phatrax • about 6 years ago
Glad you folks are trying different things. I like this shoot and the lighting.
jeffrobinson • over 6 years ago
Awesome. Very well done and a beautiful model. Great photography and production. Lighting was perfect. Very beautiful soft, yet clear close ups. One of the best!
neebugg • over 6 years ago
one the most intimate productions I've ever seen - thank you for your artistic sensitivity to women, and those of us men with brains and imagination who love them
penguin • over 6 years ago
Interesting! We haven't had one on the 'visual edge' for a while, so this was welcomed.
ddphoto • over 6 years ago
This video shot in subdued Semi darkness is Sexy. Sunset, Dusk, Candle light, Fireplace glow, Dashboard lights, darkened theaters are all Sexy. Fully lit interiors, or High Noon sunlight is not sexy.
pjp1959 • over 6 years ago
Oscar worthy
lokiloki01 • over 6 years ago
Excellent! Nice new angles, close ups and props [the light] A little more enthusiasm on the models part it would have been a 10. Yea i know, out of your control. How about a couple of glasses of pinot grigio? Ha Ha Very nice

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