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rickmar1 • 21 days ago
This one was a 4* effort until it hit the 9:00 mark. The squirt pushed it way over the top for me. A nice little (or big) squirt will always get a 5. Nice job!
wideeyes • about 2 years ago
Oh, Loni, you are the BOMB. So sensuous. So beautiful. I love every part of your body, and especially that gorgeous cum-filled pussy. Thank you for capturing this beauty, DD. 5 out of 5 stars for Loni and, yes, I'm so glad "smiles" took his repetitive opinions to some other world. I'm going to watch this video again right now. It's one of the best I've seen on this site.
jlx4fun • over 4 years ago
What an alluring, seductive woman. Beautiful pussy, love the slow motion capture of her ejaculating. I'm not a fan of the watery kind of 'squirting' but the creamy kind we see mixed in makes it way cool.
spartandream • almost 5 years ago
Wow, just Wow. Thats all I can say. Wow.
stamerican • about 5 years ago
This video ROCKS!
halfast11 • about 5 years ago
just when I thought I was never going to see a REAL orgasm here. Eureka! Thanks to Loni for allowing us the share in a intimate moment. And nice camera work to capture it.
pretender • over 5 years ago
mercboy • over 5 years ago
Ah, the marvels of the digital age! Ilove the fact that can watch such beauty, with the aid of my PS3, in the comfort of my lounge room. In HD... Wow!

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