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lovetiger almost 5 years ago
Love you lots Lena! Please Come back with a video! ;-) x.
coniow almost 5 years ago
Hmm. Not sure that the 'title' pic at the top was the best choice. Others show more of what looks to be a real 'live wire' personality. Lena I like: She engages and plays with us, and I must agree with Amantecono, as he puts it well. If her breasts are 'enhanced', then the video will probably show the scars. I can't tell from these stills, but if they are, I agree with Droolmasterb. They are not dis-proportionate to her body, and she has some wonderful "Pleased-To-See-You" erect nipples ! :-). The Stark black and white Set gave me pause to start with, but by the end I liked it: Reminds me of the older sets shot in Eastern Europe. (If there wasn't a video coming up to go with it, I would think it WAS an old set.) The choice of model, location, and poses, together with the color scheme work very well. If it is a new set: Congratulations on not loosing the old flair!
amantecono almost 5 years ago
Uh ok, smiling too much... to each their own. I love to see a beautiful woman smiling when she's "showing off her charms". So much better than the serious, sullen look so many models try to put forth to somehow look alluring, it's almost like they're being pained to "show" their bodies. But when a beautiful woman can smile like that when she's getting naked and especially when she's opening, that tells me that she is comfortable with herself AND she loves knowing the effect that she's making happen!
amantecono almost 5 years ago
Beautiful lady! I love her radiant smile and her sparkling hazel eyes! And her body is pretty special, too! I can hardly wait to see her in a video!

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