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amantecono over 3 years ago
More of Lena!
stevieryd almost 4 years ago
Oh Lena !! Absolutely perfect more more more please you are the best and this is the best site for the hottest babe'sn xxx
coniow almost 4 years ago
I hope there is plenty more of Lena to come!
uptonogood almost 4 years ago
Very nice. Like others have pointed out, the natural way she pleasured herself was quite refreshing. She's beautiful, elegant, and a pleasure to watch. My resolution isn't so great, but the video did seem slightly muted, as if some filter were used to tone down all the brightness of all the white on the screen. I liked the white, however. Black is my favorite color, but white really worked well in the setting-- the stockings, the panties, and the background contrasted nicely against Lena's beautiful body.
dancan38 almost 4 years ago
Yes, yes, yes !!! This is real !!! Lena was really into it and sought her pleasure fully, unrestrained. She shook and rocked and writhed so realistically, this vid is a real treasure . Nice change of setting, full view of her body undulating before us, spontaneously as if she'd been eavesdropped upon, no stare at the camera, the right shooting angles, no hurry... Wow , I really enjoyed it and had a feeling of watching something new. A million thanks to the crew, you made my day !!! Lena's got a beautiful body and it was quite appropriate to have her in those white clothes, that adorable white lace, I didn't even complain she kept her long stockings on or her top turned all the way up...
rhyull almost 4 years ago
Very nice to see another girl who isn't practicing keeping her balance in a gale! I'm sure a lot of us appreciate the extra effort. Very pretty, very hot girl. Needless to say I love her nipples but the rest of her, and her performance, put her high up the list of must-sees at DDG
mickey almost 4 years ago
Been waiting all month on this disapointment! Awesome stuff and glad she kept on the stockings, totally HOT! More like this and mainly, more LENA, maybe next time black lace and stockings with heels?!?!?!
rufusk almost 4 years ago
Nice video, all the right elements. Don't know what gbackwa is looking for, a plot, big name stars......
dugout100 almost 4 years ago
Well, that was fun. Nice job all around.

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