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mikester777 • about 3 years ago
Lauren is a very beautiful girl. She would look even better wearing pantyhose while playing with that sweet pussy!!!
rhyull • over 4 years ago
OK I get it, she's texting and sending pics to someone. Then she switches to voice so they can hear her while she's playing. Or something like that, it isn't real clear because we only get one side of it and we don't know if she was teasing the person or they were telling her what to do. Not a new idea but one that can be done more effectively if we get more information to explain what is happening. So anyway, we don't expect eye contact and the phone seems to have distracted the net curtain brigade from the fact that it is quite apparent in many reflections on the window glass and the wardrobe mirror. Which I found more distracting than if it was in front of the camera. The girl herself is very pretty and has a decent body. Not spectacular but up to DD standards. She also scores highly for her one-handed effort when she could have put the phone down within hearing distance and used both. My opinion? A four star girl delivering five star masturbation in a three star video.
dancan38 • over 4 years ago
A very good Reel Life ! Most effective !!!
coniow • over 4 years ago
I thought that the still set would be hard to equal, but you guys and Lauren have done it! Well impressed!
mickey • over 4 years ago
OMG totally HOT! Been waitin all month on this and Lauren delivers! Need more vid work from this babe, STAT!!!!! Gorgeous!
tommy366 • over 4 years ago
Good concept--- and very good execution. (It helps to have such a beautiful model!)
sepu811 • over 4 years ago
She is calling me :P
hs8092ad • over 4 years ago
Can you upload the pictures she took with her phone?
hs8092ad • over 4 years ago
I know what I want for Christmas.

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