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rickmar1 about 1 year ago
I love a girl who obviously loves her work almost as much as I enjoy watching her. What a treat!
digitalme almost 4 years ago
I love the shy look she gives the camara when she came. That look in her eyes. I think I'm in love.
uptonogood about 4 years ago
How did so much sexiness and cuteness end up in one person?!
dancan38 about 4 years ago
Absolutely agree with Tommy ! That light giggle of hers !!! She so obviously enjoys herself, NOT doing those videos BUT WHILE doing those videos ! Confirmed by, I suppose, the one refered to by Valarana on another site, a fairly long display where she enjoys doing and being done. And I've never seen anyone so much enjoying herself in such a guileless, spontaneous, innocent, child-like way... (am I repeating myself ?) And that young body being taken in all positions is so exciting, so full and firm and arousing !!! Kimber is a true free spirit of sex, an elfin !!!
kenaniah139 about 4 years ago
Wow, what a body! Those breasts are going to make me cum SO hard.
tommy366 about 4 years ago
I mean this in the most respectful way: among the girls on the site whom I'd most like to f***, Kimber ranks among the top few. Not only does she has a shapely body, but her face is very cute, and she demonstrates an enjoyment in her sexuality that is refreshing. Her way of giggling I find very appealing. In other words, this video is excellent.
dsshop about 4 years ago
Kimber is amazing! When she is standing in those heels showing that great ass! That part needed to be longer!
filemon about 4 years ago
Nice smile; beautyful breasts (not too big, not too small).
dancan38 about 4 years ago
Giant !!! Kimber is so sweet, lovely, adorable , sexy in a kitten's way, and takes so much pleasure in giving herself pleasure that we get such pleasure ourselves !!! Getting all worked up and mixed up there ! Ok , let's calm down... Kimber's first asset is her playfulness and facial expressions ! She's so alive in a simple , straightforward, almost innocently child-like way ! I adore her ! She does me so much good every time !!! I love timing myself to her own schedule ... She's vibrant , true, guileless, spontaneous !

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