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tommy366 almost 5 years ago
This is a very enjoyable video. I almost felt that I was with her, and that is something exciting. She comes across as someone who (for the most part) isn't acting, so she created a presence in this video. A beautiful girl pleasuring herself ... and me! What more could I want?
dancan38 over 5 years ago
This vid has it almost all ! Thx to Kimber and the two camera-men ! Kimber's silly giggle of the previous vid has turned into an impish twitter that suits her as it enhances her youthful looks. One thing puzzles me, though : how come some ladies ignore finger-pie ? Would it be true that some are 'clitoridian' , others 'vaginal' ? (Since this vid is already History, I might never get an answer but will keep on coming back, if only to have another session with one of my faves !)
one2play2 over 5 years ago
Beautiful girl a pleasure to watch!
dancan38 over 5 years ago
Kimber is 100% enjoyment, HER enjoyment, OUR enjoyment !!! Playfull, cheeky, teasing, a full, comfortable body in all the right places, a young pair of breasts that stand out by themselves cheerfully, a tummy that seems you could sink into it, a backside out of 18th century novels, and those thighs of hers !!!Just sit and enjoy, ENJOY, you lucky sods !!! I doubt there are two like Kimber, even on DD !
dancan38 over 5 years ago
Yep ! a great vid, a great girl, a grand time !!! I enjoyed that !!!
dsshop over 5 years ago
Great video! She is a gorgeous girl! I liked the way she was very playful in her body movements and in what she was saying. As for the tattoos, I like the saying on her back. The sunflower on her shoulder is kind hippie ish and I kind of like. I would have liked her to stop there. Overall, amazing video Kimber!
bowsersheepdog over 5 years ago
i'm not a fan of tattoos either but looking past them i see a cute girl with a sexy body and an enchanting smile. her vivacious demeanour is very appealing and she has a charm and sweetness about her that is quite captivating. the playful attitude she shows makes one believe that she would be great fun in bed, like when she peeps out from behind her panties, or when as she rubs her gorgeous clit she sticks out her bottom lip like a little girl and says it tickles. such displays of personality amidst the sexual posturings are most endearing and lead me to keenly anticipate her next video.
mickey over 5 years ago
We like it best of course when the babe really does let her clit out of its captivity behind the hood... hope to see more clit work and pulling back the hood, to really let it stand up at attention, like it so deserves!
coniow over 5 years ago
Perhaps not earth shattering, but I think she enjoyed herself, and what we saw was real and not all an act. Like the way she holds her breast to increase the feeling. It will be interesting to see how she progresses.

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