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vizual about 1 year ago
That oral sex made me think I need blood pressure medicine. No accounting for taste, but I found these two ladies a pleasure to watch.
dsshop about 4 years ago
Jade and Kiera are beautiful together!
tommy366 over 4 years ago
I'm not the biggest fan of girl-girl videos, but these two beauties are very appealing. I enjoyed their tender kissing, and I found myself getting aroused by the way their smiling relationship turned into a passionate one. And becoming aroused is the whole point, isn't it!
rhyull over 4 years ago
I could watch Kiera all day personally. If I have a minor criticism it would be the 'taking turns' aspect. So much more natural to see girls in mutual stimulation. But this way we do get to see them lying back and taking it, so to speak. So it doesn't detract from five stars.
dugout100 over 4 years ago
Looking pretty good to me! Keep up the good work.

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