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dancan38 • over 3 years ago
My apologies Scottishswede ! I missed that set, I was on holiday in nov 2012... I'm so sorry I missed that meeting, but it's so wonderful to meet Khyanna today ! She's just carved in marble, so beautiful, so pretty, with such harmonious curves... it's unbelievable... What a beauty, what a precious woman ! To think that it took me a year-and-a-half, just because she was brought back with the Daily Photo... Thank you, thank you, thank you, Khyanna ! ...and JSH of course if he reads me from wherever he is now...
scottishswede • over 4 years ago
I can't say anything that hasn't already been said. She is truly a Goddess from China! And you put a Vietnam Vet buddy in tears,not sure what that is about!
uptonogood • almost 5 years ago
what an amazing beauty she is!
who8bat8 • almost 5 years ago
that's quite the honey pot!
dmjohnson81 • over 5 years ago
One of the most gorgeous Asian girls I've ever seen. Very good DD.
jjj9999 • over 5 years ago
georgia22 • over 5 years ago
Nice set. Only thing missing are some full-length nudes.
featherhands • over 5 years ago
eyes, lips, blue toenails, & white finger tips... nipples,pubis/pussy-galore background/foreground n' props lighting this erotic/exotic beauty Lucky, very lucky, talented photographer Where can you go from here? Did I say beautiful form and content?
reboulin • over 5 years ago
Khyanna,une belle poupée Chinoise!!!
tra56kaa57 • over 5 years ago
I'm assuming it's incredibly demanding to make a model, a set, the makeup, the lighting, the poses...all look so simple, and so beautiful. Wow. Thanks.
tylerdurden9490 • over 5 years ago
Lighting, wardrobe, model, camera work, make up=5 Stars!
simchris • over 5 years ago
loved this in print, even better here. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!
preator1 • over 5 years ago
You know you have a winner when image #1 does something for you...
ddphoto • over 5 years ago
#48 is a creative angle. About what you would see if you were lying down underneath this beautiful angel.
tits4tat • over 5 years ago
Finally! A quality Chinese export!
dugout100 • over 5 years ago
Great set; 23-26, 44-47, & 63! Perfect!!
christophec • over 5 years ago
Beautiful face, perfect body, perfect skin.

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