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jhonason almost 5 years ago
face of angel. and body of the devilsediction .
eric590388 about 5 years ago
bowsersheepdog over 5 years ago
brilliant video. kenze is extremely pretty and that body looks so soft and yielding. altogether she is properly sexy and utterly irresistible.
nuclear213 over 5 years ago
Kenze certainly is one of the best and cutiest girls on this site. She makes me proud to be a member.
houndoggg over 5 years ago
Oh my yes. 5 stars. Wish I was that pillow or whatever it was she was grinding on! Love Love Love her. More more more please!!!!!!! ^_^
dsshop over 5 years ago
Fantastic! Kenze is such a CUTIE PIE!
njcelt over 5 years ago
totally, sweet, soft, and sexy!
stangman6785 over 5 years ago
Absolute perfection
rhyull over 5 years ago
Dancan the troubador seems to have missed that you have an extra-nice navel, maybe because you still have a bit of teenage puppy fat. And to move away from the romanticism and prove that I'm still a philistine at heart... nice tits too :-D
dancan38 over 5 years ago
You're a very sweet girl, Kenze !!! I love those dimples when you smile !!! That gentle smile as you look up at us and undulate your lithe body and writhe and tease us so knowingly, so carnal, so sensuous and animal !!! How can one resist such temptation ???!!! You definitely have the Power, the Know-How, the Knowledge of reaching our guts... And that DOT just above your gorgeous love-cove, like a bull's eye we are invited to aim at !!! Can't miss it !!! Have I noticed your toe nails, hand nails, your everything so neat and unornated to make us feel at home and not fear any unpleasant obstacle, just those tiny decorative ear-studs ! Every detail shows you're sensitive and open and inviting, it makes one feel so comfortable and homely !!! How lucky your lover (s?) !!! And , Kenze , you're the Queen of Hearts , don't fret if you don't make it, I'd rather you didn't fake it... and you've given us so much in those 15', lovie !!! All my consideration and fondness, I'm a fan-club by myself !!!
badger over 5 years ago
You Have Such a Sweet Heart, Thanks For Sharing!

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