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pornlover0983 4 months ago
Bush is back in a big way with sexy Kendra. This is now my go to video to masturbate my head off!!! I love Kendra's pretty face, curves and gorgeous hairy pussy. I already came by the time she exposed her luscious bush. More of Kendra - PLEASE!!!!!!!
sexy3dboy 5 months ago
Une superbe nana qui sait tres bien jouer avec la camera toujours bien placee. Kendra a un regard joueur et coquin, il y a une tres belle progression dans l'enchainement des mouvements et des positions. Les sequences de masturbation sont intenses et super excitantes. J'aime beaucoup ce genre de tenue sans extravagance mais au final tres percutante...
rickmar1 5 months ago
Oh my fucking word!!! This has to be one of my all time favorite videos. Other than the missing 41/2 minutes and Kendra slipping behind the curtains for a brief period this, to me, was perfection. The almost transparent short white skirt served as a great tease, the way Kendra was able to seduce the camera with her beautiful eyes and face, the way she worked those delightful panties and the way she displayed and massaged her stunning pussy along with her thrusting hips is video gold. I felt I could almost smell and taste her. I am rapidly becoming a big fan of Kendra. This is in the keeper file.
dgmiller4 5 months ago
Lovely... Anatomically perfect breasts!!! Kendra, you are a sensual dream...
coniow 5 months ago
I have watched this from this screen, and downloaded and watched through iTunes without a problem. Either it is now fixed, or Sevensteven, you have another problem. Hopefully it has been fixed :-) ! The last 4 and a half minutes ARE just music with a black screen, but the previous 17 is enough time for the delightful Kendra to cum twice ;-) !!

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