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lash111 over 4 years ago
Fan-bloody-tastic! What a cute little toe-curler, my tongue was on the floor haha!
njcelt almost 5 years ago
100% seductress! Nuff'said.
gbackwa1 almost 5 years ago
The tight close-ups all over her are great. Hi-def closeups, showing every detail.
rhyull almost 5 years ago
OK she's an attractive girl with an above average body. She has a cute overbite and her tits look squeezable and stand up well when she leans back. Nipples are rather disappointing if that's the best they can do. Oh and she does a good job of ferkin' her merkin. But what sets this apart from normal expectations of DD is the eroticism of her in that crocheted top she is almost wearing. No doubt some will complain it partially hid her for some of the time; I was young and impatient once too. Now I am more selective and I enjoy the tease as much as the full display. Nice work, DD!
shankar47sep almost 5 years ago
Dear madam K.G.,your are so beautiful,I want to eat your pussy and taste the nectar,really marvelous.Your pussy lips are so juicy that I can not forget that scene.
alpha1 almost 5 years ago
Just beautiful!

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