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emmsea over 2 years ago
Excellent set, hopefully the first of many. I found the lack of sharpness in many of the images a bit disappointing, but overall a fine, fine set. My appreciation to all involved.
coniow over 2 years ago
Well, Jillian took a while to be photographed, (Talent set posted on 10th July, 2014 - 18 months ago :-(. Featured on the daily word for January 1st, 2016), but the results are worth the wait. She has the looks, the confidence, a lovely smile. Best of all, breasts that are perfectly suited to her figure, with ERECT NIPPLES to match those perfect examples belonging to Charmane Star. Higher praise I can not imagine :-). I really hope that her delayed shooting will be compensated for by plenty of sets to follow!
moquojba over 2 years ago
Spectacular! Is there anything hotter than a beautiful woman wearing highheel boots and a smile!?
pep9917bb over 2 years ago
Excellent and sexy set. These are the types of sets I want to see from your models. Not just standing there with their clothes off. I like a bit in the clothes (or night clothes).
petstan1 over 2 years ago
much better....
dugout100 over 2 years ago
Beautiful girl who really knows how to communicate with her audience. She loves the camera and it loves her. Some of the best shots in a long time! Well done!
mauddibb over 2 years ago
P.S. Love #89--the wonderful playfulness of it, very infectious. Also, thanks for the great breast close-ups.
mauddibb over 2 years ago
Wow... another winner. GO TEAM! GO JILLIAN! Another offering of sexy sizzle and artistic beauty. And a model who know how to connect with the camera (that is, *me*) and not just look at it. I'm not much into either boots or blondes, but Jillian is all woman, not a girl, like so many recent models. Nice work guys.

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