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millburn19 • over 3 years ago
Love the high black boots on Jessie. So many good shots of her and fabulous use of light. Thanks for the big set and amazing positions. #139 blew my mind after enjoying her rolling around and having fun.
stamerican • over 4 years ago
Whatever you call them, those are some NICE TITS!!!
chriseugenebell • over 4 years ago
Yummiez! Absolutely gawwwgeous!! Thank you, Jess, and DD!!
366tommy • over 4 years ago
These photos really got my juices flowing! Thanks for finding this beauty, and for snapping such arousing shots of her.
doggone2 • over 4 years ago
Beautiful, beautiful, very well done! More!!
jnschmidt • over 4 years ago
Jessi blows my mind. Killer set- Hope to see more from her.
gotmilk23 • over 4 years ago
I've been waiting for this set since I first saw Jessi in the Blog. Well worth the wait, truly fabulous!!
daddyoh • over 4 years ago
Perfect girl, nicely shot.
dsshop • over 4 years ago
Very Nice Jessi! You are a SEXY BEAUTY!
reboulin • over 4 years ago
Jessi June,absolutely wonderful girl !!! *** LOVE ***
spartandream • over 4 years ago
I love this girl. We need more women with natural curves on this site. Nice job guys.
jp3000 • over 4 years ago
Love her. Jessi is a great new edition to this site!!
oldjarhead3 • over 4 years ago
Perky,Hooters,who cares I say perfect as far as I am concerned......
rufusk • over 4 years ago
Perfect shoot, hot model, good photographer and great positions, well done.
g37pq941 • over 4 years ago
Great set, great balance of shot types, and a lot of pics. Excellent!
dugout100 • over 4 years ago
Great set - pun intended Beautiful woman, great progression - nice work. More of this beauty is amuse.

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