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rhyull • about 4 years ago
I don't have a big problem with tats myself usually And I like the ones to be found across the lower back. But I did find the arm ink and the dark nail varnish (or perhaps the color used) distracting. If I can make a suggestion without being told to STFU, why not choose the clothing and location to match better. Leave the soft and dreamy stuff to other girls and when you have one like Jessa, put her in leather boots and black fishnet stockings with a few artful smudges of grease and her head in the hood of a chevvy truck fixing the engine. That way the tats add to the effect. Otherwise, nice girl and I did enjoy the brief upskirt moment, something else I would enjoy seeing more often.
dsshop • about 4 years ago
Nice Jessa! Love the way you have that arm around the back side of the leg to hold that leg up thus spreading that pretty pussy and beautiful ass wide! Well done!
tommy366 • about 4 years ago
I'm glad I didn't let the rating for this video determine whether I would watch it. I found it very arousing: one of the most beautiful of the recent models (great legs!), and she looks at the camera most of the time (makes the scene seem more present to the viewer -- a huge turn-on), and she really gets into the masturbation. Yum!
mickey • about 4 years ago
Luv the lingerie, hair, makeup, shes hot as a pistol, just wish she (and all the babes for that matter) would leave just a piece or part of the lingerie on the entire video... like the Julia Crown Boudiour (sp) shoot u did for Twistys last year, panties down around her heels with her knees up, in bed, that was best shoot I have ever seen come from DD, ever, period, hands down (or up). Can u bring us more like that?
dugout100 • about 4 years ago
Cute kid, great body but spoiled by those ugly and sprawling tats!!

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