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This was a short 'Art shoot' I did on Jenny just about a month ago. Jenny was visiting from Czech land and stopped by for a test/interview before heading back to her homeland. We agreed to do some quick images beyond a test out on our Spanish Wall. Jenny's body was quite phenomenal and we hustled to get what we could before she packed up for the airport. -J. Stephen Hicks
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Member Comments (5)

eveq101 said about 3 years ago
Beautiful set, beautiful photography, i love the gradual low light shots of as the soft low light beams into her cascading beautiful breasts. Her new set 2012 is also gorgeous.
georgia22 said about 3 years ago
I DID use this set as my screensaver. :)
tits4tat said over 3 years ago
This is one of your all time best sets. A sexy, creative model with mouth watering breasts. The harsh light created some really powerful iconic images. I'd use this set as my screen saver if I could get away with it. Kudos!
pguyver62 said over 3 years ago
All I can say is "WOW!!!!!!!".
georgia22 said over 3 years ago
Great set. Jenny is such a beautiful girl. Would love to see more of her.